Monday, January 9, 2012

January means a new start.

Today is January 9th of 2012. The year that is supposed to end it all. As usual, I'm the salmon swimming against the flow. I pick the year that is predicted to end it all as the year i want to finally get my life together? I always did like a challenge.

I started a new way of eating on the 1st. The easy part-cutting out soda, caffeine and sugared drinks. The hardest part-eating the required amount of calories required! Who knew that eating was so hard? I'm averaging about 1/3 to 1/2 of what I need.

However, I read something horribly inspirational today and it gave me hope. You never fail if you keep trying. One day you will make it. I've never met this blog writer, probably never will but she might have just been the catalyst I need to get my stuff in order.

Tomorrow, I am going to go for a walk! Come rain or shine, cold or warmish, I'm going for a walk. Not sure how far I will get, but it's going to be a few steps further than I've managed so far..which is none. Honestly, the hardest part of going on that walk is not the walking. No the hardest part if actually opening that door and stepping out of it.

I realized today that I can go for a week without even sticking my nose out the door for any reason. That habit has been developing over the past year. I'm now afraid I'm developing some weird psychosis about leaving my house. NOT going to happen. Tomorrow, even if all I do is walk around the block, damn it...I'm going to do it.

Tuesday, I'm going to do the same thing. My goal is to walk at least three days in a row this week. I'm sure people are seriously laughing at this, but to me that is a lofty goal at this time.

On the homefront, I've gotten a hell of a lot of knitting done! I have a monster scarf going on. Next project is a self designed bag. I've kind of got an idea of what I want. I'm the world's pickiest person when it comes to a handbag or purse. I've got it in my mind. I'm thinking a moss stitch with pockets on the outside.

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