Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pretty much a perfect Saturday

Its not overly hot, just warm and pleasant. Traffic was a bitch today, due to Oregon State playing football. Oh and the University of Oregon was playing football. And the Oregon State Fair is in full swing. Something like an extra 30k cats were expected to be on the highway today. It was fun, let me tell you.

I have restarted the "red project" yet again. First it was a hoodie, which just wasn't doing it for me. Then a sweater that I made a huge error on. So it is now in its third incarnation. As they say, third times a charm.

I touched zero school work today. Nada, zilch, nothing I say! Yeah, tomorrow starts the grind again, so I'm lounging today.

Did go to Home Depot. Can you explain why a place would sell a staple gun.... But NOT THE DAMN STAPLES it uses??? Please, I really want to know. For some bloody reason, they sell the staple gun, but Office Depot sells the staples. I realize they both have the word Depot in their names, but they really are two separate corporations. I checked! I was a disgruntled customer today. Just disgruntled.

Went to the grocery... Forgot half of what I needed. -shakes my head- in going to have to go back later tonight. I am totally out of yogurt. That it's considered a crime under this roof!

Oooh, I feel a nap fixing to happen.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Almost Friday.

Thursday's aren't that bad. They are the preview to Friday! Always a good thing, yes? Today, I hung out at our library. I love our rocks.

It's got this handy dandy room that you can sign up for. It's a study room. It comes complete with a table for four, two comfy chairs, a HUGE whiteboard and a cork board. The best can turn the thermostat down to 68 degrees and freeze to death. For someone that has no A/C, to me, its' a treat unto itself. I would use the damn room just for the A/C! However, it does make a good place to study, away from all the distractions at home.

Tomorrow is picture hanging day. The huge white space above my "sofa" will be no more! I do need to get three frames for things before hand. I pulled out about six things to put up. I like the face there are various shapes, rectangle, round, square. It will make it interesting. Once they are up, my living room will be done for a least until an actual sofa arrives in late October. I know the animals are loving the new arrangement, loads of room for them to lounge around in.

Next up will be dining room arranging. Not much to do there but move a couple of things and maybe switch out the curtains? Not sure if I want to continue the red or change to another color? Im undecided on color. It just involves curtains and a table cover. I'll have to think on it. Oh...the living room could use a new area rug, maybe.

I'm also going to put in a SQUEEEEEE moment. Finally, our local transportation company is getting their online ticket purchasing up and running. Yes, we will be able to purchase bus/train tickets via an app on our phones! No more having to worry about exact change, worrying that the ticket machine is working. Simply click your phone and your ticket will be there! I'm so psyched. Im kind of lazy...I prefer to let someone else deal with traffic. I can sit back, read, knit, play ingress and no worry about traffic!!!! I'm so very excited that it's finally going to happen. They have been promising it for ages now. As it is, it's three behind schedule. Why? Because the Apple app development center was down for three weeks!!! Apple just SUCKS! How can you let your app development center be broken for three full weeks? That's just pure bullshit.

I'm also looking forward to September because summer tv programming has gotten so bad and so boring, I'm living off streaming from Amazon/Hulu/Netflix. To be honest, I think I might be able to live without cable at all...if not for the fact I adore True Blood on HBO. Hmmm, I could always buy the episodes on iTunes and watch it through my Apple TV? I'm going to price that out and see what it comes too?

Now I"m off to knit on the hoodie. It's slow going, I feel like I get nothing done on it at all, even if I knit on it for a few hours.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Is it Friday, yet?

For some reason, this week is dragging like anything! So far this week, I've rearranged the living room, the dining room, the office area. I've hoovered, done dishes, watched exactly 7.5 hours of lectures online, almost finished my hitchiker scarf and started on my red hoodie.  So why do I feel like I've gotten nothing done? Why does it feel like effing Monday?

I want Friday!!!! I want it NOW!!!

I think part of the problem is I went from a household full of people to almost none. This quiet is getting on my nerves to say the least. I grateful for it. I'm sure I will be once again..but right now, it's driving me insane. Even people online are irritating me.  Bah. *laughs*

Maybe I will go watch a movie, the computer stuff will take care of itself.  Knitting will distract me from my middle of the week blues I seem to have.

I could always hang the pictures and stuff I have for that huge white wall you see above. And I didn't realize my living room was that big? 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

To tired to nap

Today was a busy day. Moved family into their new place. While I was NOT the one going up and down the three steep short flights of stairs, I was still exhausted. I can only imagine how they feel.  However, they are moved in...and they are a mere six or seven blocks away. Not six hours in Idaho!!!!!  It was so worth the cramped quarters for a few weeks, the waiting, the stress of moving everything, the driving back and forth and the final move in.  Life is good now.

I watched Skyfall and loved it. While I sobbed like a mad woman at parts, like when they blew up my beloved DB5 and other parts, I totally loved it as it was a fresh "reboot" for the series. I'm a die hard James Bond fan and can now officially say, I have SEEN THEM ALL!!!! In their entirety!

Trying to decide what I want to watch tonight? Do I binge watch something on amazon? Do I find another movie? In the last three days I have watched four full length films, more than I've watched in a long time. Maybe it's time for some tv binge watching? Either way, there will be knitting involved and some wine.  It's a wine kind of night.

Tomorrow is hoover and shampoo rug day. I want to hoover and shampoo before I do the "fall" rearrange. It's definitely time to start getting the house winter proofed.  You can almost feel fall in the air. It's fantastic.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Streaming, it is!

Totally hooked on Amazon Prime Video at the moment, mainly cause it's easy to use and it's got some great stuff on it. My fave way of streaming at the moment is through my Wii, of all things. It honestly has the best Netflix, Hulu and Amazon apps ever! Seriously, I can stream Netflix over tivo, blu-ray player, ipad, android phone, PSP3 and the Wii. The Wii has the absolute best interface by far for all three streaming apps.  I wish the others were this easy to use.

I noticed today that Ford is now a one fanged kitty. Somehow, he lost his left front fang? I'm kind of suspicious. I think he and Isabella got into it and he lost, hence why he's always hissing at her and howling at her if she even breathes in his vicinity. Would totally explain the animosity he feels, for sure.  Either way it doesn't seem to be bothering him. He eats just the same.  He's such a mama's cat though. Stays glued next to me no matter where I'm sitting.

I've been avoiding the sun all week and the itching has totally stopped. Yay! I'm going to have to venture out tomorrow though, so it will be big time sunscreen time for moi. Me and the Kids sunscreen have become tight friends.

Tomorrow's list includes a coffee pot. I found one that matches my toaster, it's 70!  Um, no. It's just coffee thank you. I have a fancy espresso maker for fancy coffee, I just need a plain run of the mill coffee maker to make iced coffee in. I love me some iced coffee!

Plus, Mom has decided for her housewarming gift, she wants a fan. She's discovered the joys of a fan when one has no A/C! Ha! I think she might finally be accumulating to it here, although I give it another few months. She got here during our hottest part of the year! Timing is everything, let me tell you.

Oops, time to go cook dinner. Dad will be here around 8pm or so. I know he will be hungry and tired after driving all day. With the arrival of him...the move is complete. It's official...the family has arrived!

Monday, August 19, 2013

I wanna knit this #1

I want to knit these!

knitted out of Lion Brand Amazing yarn.  Plus I want a matching hat. I'm low on mittens.. hats and scarves I have falling out of the closet in droves!  Mittens, I can't keep at all.

Good Morning Sunshine, said the Bulldozer

This morning my alarm was my phone beeping and the sound of building demolition across the small field from my home. It's very strange to look out the building and be able to see the highway? Totally weird. However, the phone beeping was the best part.  It was my email letting me know an email came in. It was a good email. I finally got invited to a very elite tech group. One I've been wangling to get into for ever it seems?  I literally almost fell out of bed.I scared the cats.  They are now mad at me.  Don't care, too happy over the news.

Another college class started today. This one is Python. It's one language I've never attempted, so I'm giving it a whirl this semester. The one thing about being in the computer NEVER stop learning. EVER. It's fantastic, since I am a learner. I love to learn new things. Some things I learn and then promptly forget since it's something I won't use daily. Others, stay with me forever. But I have discovered that even the stuff I learn and then figure I really don't' need still stays with me and helps in other areas.

In all my educational efforts, I never took a humanities course. Now I'm taking it and's rather controversial for some. Me, I think it makes damn good sense, but I've got some classmates that are outraged!!! *laughs* I do love see them get all worked up over theories. It's a theory people...doesn't mean it's fact, it could be fiction at the end of the day. That's why it's a THEORY! *snickers*  You kind of have to get your entertainment where you can, you know?

Saturday is move in day for the family!!! They will be moving into a place a mere .9 miles away!!!! Not even a mile!!!!!!! *INSERT LARGE SQUEE HERE* That's right..not 475 miles away...0.9 miles!!!!!!! Although...that means that the sister's coffee pot is moving out. Damn. I've discovered that while I LOVE my fancy schmany expresso maker...a regular old coffee pot is better for iced coffee. I might acquire a very small one. After all, I'm going to be the only one in the house that drinks the stuff. A pitcher will last me a few days, I'm sure. *shifty eyes* On second though, might need to get a regular sized one. Hmmm...better go see what I can find.

I'm still knitting on the hitchiker scarf. My knitting has slacked off lately since I've been so busy with family, classes and other assorted duties that life demands. I love that scarf pattern though. I might make one out of wool next. Perhaps a nice striped fingering weight? I need to get knitting on my hoodie..that's a MAJOR project for sure.

I'm also getting the urge to go thrifting. I used to do it alot, but got bored with my local thrift stores. Not to mention, some of them have gotten rather proud of their offerings. A coffee cup from 2002 is not vintage or antique. It's old. Therefore, it should not be marked should be .99. I have been tempted more than once to explain the aging process to those places.  "It is common practice to define "antique" as applying to objects at least 80-100 years old."  See...2002 is NOT antique.

With the new allergy, I've discovered if I am in the sun on day two is spent avoiding it. Day three it's okay to venture out a bit, just don't get caught sitting in traffic on a sunny day. The itching that occurs is maddening!  

Hmmm, I think there is key lime yogurt in the fridge. That sounds really yummy now. I think I'm going to go grab some and get my day started and all.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's Saturday!

It was a bagel kind of morning. Then a trip to some kids thing out in Hillsboro. This place is huge, and kind of cool. A five level slide, a bouncy thing, video games and little bumper cars. The kid is having a great time. I've got wifi, so I'm happy. Lol. It's the small things in life that make it good. Wifi is one of them.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Boredom apparently is a night creature.

I can always tell when I'm bored. I start messing around with Facebook! *laughs* During the day, I forget I have it on my phone. I seem to like Facebook on my computer, Pinterest on phone/computer, Twitter on phone only, games on phone only and magazines and some larger games on the tablet.   I'm a confused creature it seems.

It's too hot to knit. I bored with my books. Nothing is on tv. I don't feel like driving around playing Ingress. Eating is out of the question. Even the cats are irritating me. Bah. This is going to be one really really long night. Maybe my scarf will grab my attention in a bit? I do like knitting on that thing.

Rilana was discussing her fall knit wish list. I love that. Fall...knitting, temperatures where you are NOT melting into the furniture. Being able to close the windows and not bake. Just the small joys of life. It's usually about the last few weeks of August where I'm totally over the damned sunshine, the screaming kids, the heat, the traffic, and summer re-runs.  I hate just sucks in so many ways.  Can't we just go from July to September and skip this craptastic month?

Honestly, it's a useless month. Most vacations have been taken. Your kids are driving you insane and your actually counting the days till school starts. It's hot, you really are over all the bright and sunshine shit. There are NO holidays in August, it's just a drudge month. I vote we just skip the damned thing and go right into September! And yes, I just tried to spell that with an extra em or two!

On that note, I'm going to go stand in front of the refrigerator and get cool. While I miss A/C...I do not miss the electric bill that goes with it. No sirree!

Addiction comes in many forms

They say the first step to recovery is admitting your addicted. Therefore, I admit I'm addicted to Pinterest! OMG! So many things, so little time. The fall "nesting" syndrome has hit me and I'm obsessed with redoing my house. At first it was just the living room and has now expanded to include the master bedroom. Pinterest is just feeding my habit.

Honestly, the master bedroom needs it. The bed literally has not moved for six years now. Granted it's a huge ass king size oak sleigh bed and moving it is a bitch and a half. However, a-moving it is going to go. It's time. I found the coolest gadget to help.
Your furniture literally glides across the floor! Carpet becomes like butter *laughs* Since I'm moving the bed and everything else, I've decided I also need a new duvet cover and new curtains. Since I'm on a huge economy kick, I've decided I'm going to make them myself. I have a HUGE roll of upholstery material that will work perfectly. It's rather heavy and will make a fabulous duvet cover that will support two cats who love to lounge on it. I probably have enough to make curtains as well. I have a weird arrangement in my bedroom, a single door that leads to the balcony and a window about three inches from that. The door is rather drafty in the I'm going to make curtains to cover both! Bingo..two birds with one stone. I just have to get a curtain rod that is long enough to cover the whole width. Hello, I come.

I think with just the moving of furniture and new bedding/curtains, that fall nesting thing will be appeased? The living room...will just be arranged again. There is a sofa involved for the end of October.  Again, I'm dealing with a very odd placement of windows, doors, walls and openings.  Whoever designed my place was either high, on serious medication or just plain crazy. Oh well, we work with what we have, right?

I want to do this someplace:

Not sure if the entryway, maybe? As part of an art wall behind the new sofa to be? I'll find someplace to put it, I love the whole horizontal mirror deal. You can find one of those cheap as hell at wally world or Ikea and then just mount them up sideways! Brilliant. I would do above my desk, but that is going to be corkboard country! 

Speaking of desks. I've given up on mine every looking like any desk you have seen online. It's always a mess, it will always be a mess and I'm just accepting it as it is. No matter what I do, it just seems to collect stuff under it. The desktop part is usually pretty clean, but under it is a like a junk magnet!!!! I think I have gremlins?  Sometimes we just must accept things as they are.  I have a messy desk area, there see, I'm learning to live with it.

Along with the fall nesting urge, I'm thinking of doing something with my kitchen? I just kind of redid it, but now it's needing some loves again. Mainly the flooring. Maybe a nice runner rug down the center of it? Either way...something will be done with it.

I'm starting to think the August heat is the cause of all this nesting and wanting to change things up. Houses need change or they become stagnant.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sunblock, lace weight yarn and ice tea

Have been knitting on the Hitchiker Scarf..which I'm totally loving. It's going to be way longer than what the pattern called for. I love the Patton's Lace I'm using and I think I'll just knit on it till it feels right?

I can tell fall is soon upon us...the urge to sew is growing on a daily basis and I'm literally itching to create stuff. Plus...the urge to rearrange the house is happening again. I usually only get like that at fall and at spring.  Kind of a summer arrangement and a winter one.   Not sure how it's going to be this year?  Might play with it on paper to see?  

I can't wait for cooler weather, although this summer has not been horribly hot far (keeping fingers crossed on this one). I did develop a sun allergy..yes, that's right. 

I just can't be out in direct sunlight for long periods. It's weird, my skin starts burning and itching like mad!  I went out today but it was overcast but put on major sunblock!  Oh, and I can only use sunblock that is the oxide kind..I wanna say titanium and zinc? None of the "chemical" type at all. Plus, you have to reapply every two in I was told to put an alarm on my phone kind of reapply. Sheesh. I guess it could be worse. I could live in someplace like Las Vegas or Hawaii..I would be screwed! 

I think the new sofa will be happening in October? We have finally found one that we like and I want to save up for it and pay cash for it. It's from spending hours and hours on Pinterest. That place is addicting. You look at one thing and nine hours later your still there!  Oh well, off to take my evening walk. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Preschools and Portals, what a day!

Today was the first day of the rest of the nephews life. The tour of the preschool! It was really cool and I was rather impressed with the depth of the activities for the kids. It's in a beautiful location, close to our neighborhood and they seemed really nice, professional and on their game.  Kind of excited, although...the poor kid doesn't realize he's starting a 14 year journey. (preschool, kindergarten and 12 years of school)

Went out tonight to play Ingress. Took out four toad portals and flipped them to blue. I love that game, just love it. I love playing it at night, it's so nice and cool out. I'm about 1/3 of the way to level 7 and kind of excited about it. I actually love being a level 6 and enjoy blowing the crap out of portals. Nothing as satisfying as seeing a green portal go grey, then blue. Well, finishing a huge knitting project rates right up there with that, but very few other things can match!

Totally loving the Hitchiker Scarf. It's coming along slowly, my knitting time has decreased lately. It's just too hot to even mess with a light fiber. Been reading more than knitting, I'm ashamed to say. Bad me!  I have a list of things I wish to knit, just need a lot of cooler weather to happen in order for it to happen.  I'll be so happy when winter arrives...I've missed it.  It's been so warm that the kitties are laying in front of a fan all day!

Now I'm off to watch Zero Hour. I'm still heartbroken it was cancelled..but at least they are showing what episodes that were filmed on Hulu. I totally love Hulu!!!!