Saturday, August 24, 2013

To tired to nap

Today was a busy day. Moved family into their new place. While I was NOT the one going up and down the three steep short flights of stairs, I was still exhausted. I can only imagine how they feel.  However, they are moved in...and they are a mere six or seven blocks away. Not six hours in Idaho!!!!!  It was so worth the cramped quarters for a few weeks, the waiting, the stress of moving everything, the driving back and forth and the final move in.  Life is good now.

I watched Skyfall and loved it. While I sobbed like a mad woman at parts, like when they blew up my beloved DB5 and other parts, I totally loved it as it was a fresh "reboot" for the series. I'm a die hard James Bond fan and can now officially say, I have SEEN THEM ALL!!!! In their entirety!

Trying to decide what I want to watch tonight? Do I binge watch something on amazon? Do I find another movie? In the last three days I have watched four full length films, more than I've watched in a long time. Maybe it's time for some tv binge watching? Either way, there will be knitting involved and some wine.  It's a wine kind of night.

Tomorrow is hoover and shampoo rug day. I want to hoover and shampoo before I do the "fall" rearrange. It's definitely time to start getting the house winter proofed.  You can almost feel fall in the air. It's fantastic.

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