Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sunblock, lace weight yarn and ice tea

Have been knitting on the Hitchiker Scarf..which I'm totally loving. It's going to be way longer than what the pattern called for. I love the Patton's Lace I'm using and I think I'll just knit on it till it feels right?

I can tell fall is soon upon us...the urge to sew is growing on a daily basis and I'm literally itching to create stuff. Plus...the urge to rearrange the house is happening again. I usually only get like that at fall and at spring.  Kind of a summer arrangement and a winter one.   Not sure how it's going to be this year?  Might play with it on paper to see?  

I can't wait for cooler weather, although this summer has not been horribly hot far (keeping fingers crossed on this one). I did develop a sun allergy..yes, that's right. 

I just can't be out in direct sunlight for long periods. It's weird, my skin starts burning and itching like mad!  I went out today but it was overcast but put on major sunblock!  Oh, and I can only use sunblock that is the oxide kind..I wanna say titanium and zinc? None of the "chemical" type at all. Plus, you have to reapply every two in I was told to put an alarm on my phone kind of reapply. Sheesh. I guess it could be worse. I could live in someplace like Las Vegas or Hawaii..I would be screwed! 

I think the new sofa will be happening in October? We have finally found one that we like and I want to save up for it and pay cash for it. It's from spending hours and hours on Pinterest. That place is addicting. You look at one thing and nine hours later your still there!  Oh well, off to take my evening walk. 

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