Friday, August 16, 2013

Boredom apparently is a night creature.

I can always tell when I'm bored. I start messing around with Facebook! *laughs* During the day, I forget I have it on my phone. I seem to like Facebook on my computer, Pinterest on phone/computer, Twitter on phone only, games on phone only and magazines and some larger games on the tablet.   I'm a confused creature it seems.

It's too hot to knit. I bored with my books. Nothing is on tv. I don't feel like driving around playing Ingress. Eating is out of the question. Even the cats are irritating me. Bah. This is going to be one really really long night. Maybe my scarf will grab my attention in a bit? I do like knitting on that thing.

Rilana was discussing her fall knit wish list. I love that. Fall...knitting, temperatures where you are NOT melting into the furniture. Being able to close the windows and not bake. Just the small joys of life. It's usually about the last few weeks of August where I'm totally over the damned sunshine, the screaming kids, the heat, the traffic, and summer re-runs.  I hate just sucks in so many ways.  Can't we just go from July to September and skip this craptastic month?

Honestly, it's a useless month. Most vacations have been taken. Your kids are driving you insane and your actually counting the days till school starts. It's hot, you really are over all the bright and sunshine shit. There are NO holidays in August, it's just a drudge month. I vote we just skip the damned thing and go right into September! And yes, I just tried to spell that with an extra em or two!

On that note, I'm going to go stand in front of the refrigerator and get cool. While I miss A/C...I do not miss the electric bill that goes with it. No sirree!

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