Friday, August 16, 2013

Addiction comes in many forms

They say the first step to recovery is admitting your addicted. Therefore, I admit I'm addicted to Pinterest! OMG! So many things, so little time. The fall "nesting" syndrome has hit me and I'm obsessed with redoing my house. At first it was just the living room and has now expanded to include the master bedroom. Pinterest is just feeding my habit.

Honestly, the master bedroom needs it. The bed literally has not moved for six years now. Granted it's a huge ass king size oak sleigh bed and moving it is a bitch and a half. However, a-moving it is going to go. It's time. I found the coolest gadget to help.
Your furniture literally glides across the floor! Carpet becomes like butter *laughs* Since I'm moving the bed and everything else, I've decided I also need a new duvet cover and new curtains. Since I'm on a huge economy kick, I've decided I'm going to make them myself. I have a HUGE roll of upholstery material that will work perfectly. It's rather heavy and will make a fabulous duvet cover that will support two cats who love to lounge on it. I probably have enough to make curtains as well. I have a weird arrangement in my bedroom, a single door that leads to the balcony and a window about three inches from that. The door is rather drafty in the I'm going to make curtains to cover both! Bingo..two birds with one stone. I just have to get a curtain rod that is long enough to cover the whole width. Hello, I come.

I think with just the moving of furniture and new bedding/curtains, that fall nesting thing will be appeased? The living room...will just be arranged again. There is a sofa involved for the end of October.  Again, I'm dealing with a very odd placement of windows, doors, walls and openings.  Whoever designed my place was either high, on serious medication or just plain crazy. Oh well, we work with what we have, right?

I want to do this someplace:

Not sure if the entryway, maybe? As part of an art wall behind the new sofa to be? I'll find someplace to put it, I love the whole horizontal mirror deal. You can find one of those cheap as hell at wally world or Ikea and then just mount them up sideways! Brilliant. I would do above my desk, but that is going to be corkboard country! 

Speaking of desks. I've given up on mine every looking like any desk you have seen online. It's always a mess, it will always be a mess and I'm just accepting it as it is. No matter what I do, it just seems to collect stuff under it. The desktop part is usually pretty clean, but under it is a like a junk magnet!!!! I think I have gremlins?  Sometimes we just must accept things as they are.  I have a messy desk area, there see, I'm learning to live with it.

Along with the fall nesting urge, I'm thinking of doing something with my kitchen? I just kind of redid it, but now it's needing some loves again. Mainly the flooring. Maybe a nice runner rug down the center of it? Either way...something will be done with it.

I'm starting to think the August heat is the cause of all this nesting and wanting to change things up. Houses need change or they become stagnant.

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