Thursday, August 22, 2013

Streaming, it is!

Totally hooked on Amazon Prime Video at the moment, mainly cause it's easy to use and it's got some great stuff on it. My fave way of streaming at the moment is through my Wii, of all things. It honestly has the best Netflix, Hulu and Amazon apps ever! Seriously, I can stream Netflix over tivo, blu-ray player, ipad, android phone, PSP3 and the Wii. The Wii has the absolute best interface by far for all three streaming apps.  I wish the others were this easy to use.

I noticed today that Ford is now a one fanged kitty. Somehow, he lost his left front fang? I'm kind of suspicious. I think he and Isabella got into it and he lost, hence why he's always hissing at her and howling at her if she even breathes in his vicinity. Would totally explain the animosity he feels, for sure.  Either way it doesn't seem to be bothering him. He eats just the same.  He's such a mama's cat though. Stays glued next to me no matter where I'm sitting.

I've been avoiding the sun all week and the itching has totally stopped. Yay! I'm going to have to venture out tomorrow though, so it will be big time sunscreen time for moi. Me and the Kids sunscreen have become tight friends.

Tomorrow's list includes a coffee pot. I found one that matches my toaster, it's 70!  Um, no. It's just coffee thank you. I have a fancy espresso maker for fancy coffee, I just need a plain run of the mill coffee maker to make iced coffee in. I love me some iced coffee!

Plus, Mom has decided for her housewarming gift, she wants a fan. She's discovered the joys of a fan when one has no A/C! Ha! I think she might finally be accumulating to it here, although I give it another few months. She got here during our hottest part of the year! Timing is everything, let me tell you.

Oops, time to go cook dinner. Dad will be here around 8pm or so. I know he will be hungry and tired after driving all day. With the arrival of him...the move is complete. It's official...the family has arrived!

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