Monday, August 19, 2013

Good Morning Sunshine, said the Bulldozer

This morning my alarm was my phone beeping and the sound of building demolition across the small field from my home. It's very strange to look out the building and be able to see the highway? Totally weird. However, the phone beeping was the best part.  It was my email letting me know an email came in. It was a good email. I finally got invited to a very elite tech group. One I've been wangling to get into for ever it seems?  I literally almost fell out of bed.I scared the cats.  They are now mad at me.  Don't care, too happy over the news.

Another college class started today. This one is Python. It's one language I've never attempted, so I'm giving it a whirl this semester. The one thing about being in the computer NEVER stop learning. EVER. It's fantastic, since I am a learner. I love to learn new things. Some things I learn and then promptly forget since it's something I won't use daily. Others, stay with me forever. But I have discovered that even the stuff I learn and then figure I really don't' need still stays with me and helps in other areas.

In all my educational efforts, I never took a humanities course. Now I'm taking it and's rather controversial for some. Me, I think it makes damn good sense, but I've got some classmates that are outraged!!! *laughs* I do love see them get all worked up over theories. It's a theory people...doesn't mean it's fact, it could be fiction at the end of the day. That's why it's a THEORY! *snickers*  You kind of have to get your entertainment where you can, you know?

Saturday is move in day for the family!!! They will be moving into a place a mere .9 miles away!!!! Not even a mile!!!!!!! *INSERT LARGE SQUEE HERE* That's right..not 475 miles away...0.9 miles!!!!!!! Although...that means that the sister's coffee pot is moving out. Damn. I've discovered that while I LOVE my fancy schmany expresso maker...a regular old coffee pot is better for iced coffee. I might acquire a very small one. After all, I'm going to be the only one in the house that drinks the stuff. A pitcher will last me a few days, I'm sure. *shifty eyes* On second though, might need to get a regular sized one. Hmmm...better go see what I can find.

I'm still knitting on the hitchiker scarf. My knitting has slacked off lately since I've been so busy with family, classes and other assorted duties that life demands. I love that scarf pattern though. I might make one out of wool next. Perhaps a nice striped fingering weight? I need to get knitting on my hoodie..that's a MAJOR project for sure.

I'm also getting the urge to go thrifting. I used to do it alot, but got bored with my local thrift stores. Not to mention, some of them have gotten rather proud of their offerings. A coffee cup from 2002 is not vintage or antique. It's old. Therefore, it should not be marked should be .99. I have been tempted more than once to explain the aging process to those places.  "It is common practice to define "antique" as applying to objects at least 80-100 years old."  See...2002 is NOT antique.

With the new allergy, I've discovered if I am in the sun on day two is spent avoiding it. Day three it's okay to venture out a bit, just don't get caught sitting in traffic on a sunny day. The itching that occurs is maddening!  

Hmmm, I think there is key lime yogurt in the fridge. That sounds really yummy now. I think I'm going to go grab some and get my day started and all.

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