Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pretty much a perfect Saturday

Its not overly hot, just warm and pleasant. Traffic was a bitch today, due to Oregon State playing football. Oh and the University of Oregon was playing football. And the Oregon State Fair is in full swing. Something like an extra 30k cats were expected to be on the highway today. It was fun, let me tell you.

I have restarted the "red project" yet again. First it was a hoodie, which just wasn't doing it for me. Then a sweater that I made a huge error on. So it is now in its third incarnation. As they say, third times a charm.

I touched zero school work today. Nada, zilch, nothing I say! Yeah, tomorrow starts the grind again, so I'm lounging today.

Did go to Home Depot. Can you explain why a place would sell a staple gun.... But NOT THE DAMN STAPLES it uses??? Please, I really want to know. For some bloody reason, they sell the staple gun, but Office Depot sells the staples. I realize they both have the word Depot in their names, but they really are two separate corporations. I checked! I was a disgruntled customer today. Just disgruntled.

Went to the grocery... Forgot half of what I needed. -shakes my head- in going to have to go back later tonight. I am totally out of yogurt. That it's considered a crime under this roof!

Oooh, I feel a nap fixing to happen.

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