Thursday, August 29, 2013

Almost Friday.

Thursday's aren't that bad. They are the preview to Friday! Always a good thing, yes? Today, I hung out at our library. I love our rocks.

It's got this handy dandy room that you can sign up for. It's a study room. It comes complete with a table for four, two comfy chairs, a HUGE whiteboard and a cork board. The best can turn the thermostat down to 68 degrees and freeze to death. For someone that has no A/C, to me, its' a treat unto itself. I would use the damn room just for the A/C! However, it does make a good place to study, away from all the distractions at home.

Tomorrow is picture hanging day. The huge white space above my "sofa" will be no more! I do need to get three frames for things before hand. I pulled out about six things to put up. I like the face there are various shapes, rectangle, round, square. It will make it interesting. Once they are up, my living room will be done for a least until an actual sofa arrives in late October. I know the animals are loving the new arrangement, loads of room for them to lounge around in.

Next up will be dining room arranging. Not much to do there but move a couple of things and maybe switch out the curtains? Not sure if I want to continue the red or change to another color? Im undecided on color. It just involves curtains and a table cover. I'll have to think on it. Oh...the living room could use a new area rug, maybe.

I'm also going to put in a SQUEEEEEE moment. Finally, our local transportation company is getting their online ticket purchasing up and running. Yes, we will be able to purchase bus/train tickets via an app on our phones! No more having to worry about exact change, worrying that the ticket machine is working. Simply click your phone and your ticket will be there! I'm so psyched. Im kind of lazy...I prefer to let someone else deal with traffic. I can sit back, read, knit, play ingress and no worry about traffic!!!! I'm so very excited that it's finally going to happen. They have been promising it for ages now. As it is, it's three behind schedule. Why? Because the Apple app development center was down for three weeks!!! Apple just SUCKS! How can you let your app development center be broken for three full weeks? That's just pure bullshit.

I'm also looking forward to September because summer tv programming has gotten so bad and so boring, I'm living off streaming from Amazon/Hulu/Netflix. To be honest, I think I might be able to live without cable at all...if not for the fact I adore True Blood on HBO. Hmmm, I could always buy the episodes on iTunes and watch it through my Apple TV? I'm going to price that out and see what it comes too?

Now I"m off to knit on the hoodie. It's slow going, I feel like I get nothing done on it at all, even if I knit on it for a few hours.

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