Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Extended Weekend!!!

Yeah, today is a "bank" holiday. In the US we refer to it as Labor Day. It's a nice long weekend, sort of a last hoorah for summer before school and fall hit.  Me, I'm glad summer is winding down. While we were blessed with a relatively cool summer,  a lot of people were not.  It will be nice to have cooler/cold weather back. I'm sorry...I'm just a cold weather kind of person. Must be genetic, after all my ancestors hailed from the far cold northern areas! *laughs*

Today they announced that Charlie Hunnam will be portraying that Grey dude in Fifty Shades. While I deplore the book on so many levels, I love his acting abilities. Now I'm totally torn, will I watch it? Probably, but not for awhile. It will have to be on dvd and be on sale. The only reason I would watch the damn thing is cause he's in it.

The red top down sweater is coming along nicely. I'm on the never ending increase section of the yoke. I swear the entire body of the sweater knits up faster than this damned yoke. Still it's my absolute fave pattern for sweaters. No seaming, no calculations...just pure knitting. I love the fact you can knit the sleeves and just use the Kitchener stitch to attach them to the sweater. Easy..and yes, still NO SEAMS! Life is good.

I have homework out the wazoo today/tonight. I slacked off all weekend and now it's time to pay the piper, so to speak. But for now..I'm fixing more coffee and eyeing that sweater.  Knitting is calling to me.

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