Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vacations come and go!

Went up to Lake Tahoe for the week. Every day was spectacular weather wise. matter where I went, it was just downright gorgeous. Just crystal clear the whole time. My camera app was working constantly. Had a great time, made some new friends (always a fun thing), ate like the proverbial horse at some fabulous places and collected pine tree seeds. I'm determined to grow a pine tree on my balcony.  There was ALOT of knitting going on. Almost finished my sweater, just need to do the second sleeve and I'm done. A LOT of reading was done, the deck was perfect for that most of the day. Baked two apple pies just because I could. I basically just sat back and relaxed. I rarely got online on my computer-even though the wifi is now installed. I did text quite a bit. The lake is now 4G almost all the way around it. There are some spots on the western side of the lake that are zero signal but just a few now. (Dear Rubicon Bay...get with the program, a mobile signal is needed!)

From about 8000 feet up overlooking Lake Tahoe

Looking down at Emerald Bay

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe..again

From the 15th Hole at the mini golf course. I want BIG trees now!

Lake Tahoe done in granite.

Wind surfers on the lake. There were some guys surfing as well.

The cabin. Rather roomy and walking distance to four casinos! The North Shore rocks.

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