Sunday, September 15, 2013

Travels to Lake Tahoe are always fun

Yesterday, I drove from Portland to Lake Tahoe. I cut down through Kalamath Falls down to Susanville to Reno and up over Mt. Rose to the lake.

I passed Crater Lake, and went through about six National Forest. I saw the Pumice Desert and some of the most beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, I also saw a fatality. It was on a section of winding highway were the signs literally said 25 or 30mph or even 15mph around them. Someone didn't obey the signs and someone died.  Someone on a motorcycle didn't make it around the bend totally. Their motorcycle which originally looked like what I call a "crotch-rocket" looked like shredded cheese. Whomever was driving, I have no idea, there was a full covering over them.

While I love motorcycles, they are dangerous. Either the driver of the bike was swinging really wide to take the bend. Usually if they are speeding, they will swing wide to take a bend. Unfortunately, there was a vehicle coming along the opposite direction. One with four wheels. Law of gross tonnage will always win.  Never fails.

Besides the fatality, there were road works. The kind of road works that requires a car to lead the line of cars through it. While I love the fact that Oregon takes care of it's roads, I have had enough road construction this summer to last for a few years. Counting the two I drove through yesterday, the one I drove through today, I have had six road works to deal with this summer. Three of which were near my house and were dealt with on a daily basis.   If I never see an orange road cone till summer next year, I will be rather happy.

I do admit, the road works were worth it. The lake is positively gorgeous this time of year. The tourist have all gone home at least till ski season kicks in. It's quiet, the traffic is not bad at all and the winds have picked up a bit, so the rustle in the trees is so nice at night.  Plus, it's cooler. In fact, it's cool enough tonight...I might have a fire going.

Hmmm, knitting by a fireplace, something just so cozy about that.

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