Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Avoidance Successful!

I avoided the "stove on a hot day" syndrome. I opted for the "drive thru" choice. I always include a few "drive-thru" days in my monthly budget. They are for just such emergencies! When one lives in a home with no A/C...one has to allot for such days as it's just too hot to turn on the stove to cook.

I didn't even knit on my sweater today! Not one single stitch! Nary a one! *laughs* You know it's hot, if I'm not knitting.   At least it didn't get as hot as they predicted, although tomorrow is supposed to be another scorcher of a day. After that it's dropping back down into the low 70's which will be nice. However...I will be up in the mountains enjoying..wait for it... 30 degree nights!   Yes...you read that correctly, 30 degree nights! I'm so damn happy it so makes up for the fact there is no damned internet up there.  

I'm going to read and knit, drink and gamble and then do it all day after day! It's nice having a place that is walking distance to a casino..less chance of a DUI. Since I can cut through the back way, there is little chance of a WUI *walking under the influence* either. *snickers*

Casino is due east and the lake is due south...both by foot. Correction, two casinos due east of me. I'm just glad I'm headed up AFTER tourist season has ended. Not that I mind tourist...just don't like them crowding it up while I'm there. *grins*

Hmm, I think I hear a video game calling me? No..wait is that yarn? Nope, it's a video game.

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