Monday, September 23, 2013

B is for super comfy bedding

It's officially fall and that means getting the house ready for the colder weather. The main thing is getting the bed winterized.

I bought a new mattress topper. Finding one for a king size bed is not easy. Well it is easy, the hard part is finding one that is not 500.00 or better! I found mine at Target. On Sale. Had a Target gift card. Had my 5% off Target card. Got that puppy for a mere 35.00!  Now, I bet you think that was the hard part? Nope..ever tried to wrangle a king size anything onto a yourself? Yep, that's the hard part.

As is, my bed has a pillowtop to begin with. Plus it had a thick quilted mattress pad on it. Now it's got bascially three pillow tops on it. Hmm, yeah..feels like one of those plush beds from a fancy schmancy hotels. Tossed on some flannel sheets, all ten pillows and very comfy cushy bed perfectly suited for winter.  Problem now..I can't get up in the damned thing. So I bought one of these, the Bekvam stool. It sucks to be short, I swear!  Hm, I think it's gonna need staining. But that is for a later time and date.  At least the cats like it. Isabella sniffed it, climbed up on it and was "hey...this makes it easier to get up with". Nothing is sacred in my house.

I also got two cute lamps to attach to the wall. The Arstid wall lamp. The current bedside table lamps take up so much room on what constitutes nightstands in my house - the ever so popular three shelf bookcase! Yeah, wall lights will be much better.

Last but not least...a new comforter. Well, it will be a new comforter once I'm done. Have you priced a down comforter for a king size bed. Yeah, we are back to that damn big bed syndrome issue. Well, I'm rather frugal. Ikea has comforters on sale. Twin size down comforter, winter rating of 3 on sale for 14.99. I simply bought two of them, plan to just stitch them together and then make a huge duvet cover for it all.
Bingo, king size thick down comforter for 30.00! Once I make the matching pillow shams and new curtains, I will have one luxurious bedroom.

One can never put a price on comfort. Well, you can, but it doesn't have to be hundreds of dollars. And let's face it, I'm kind of frugal.

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