Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Heat Wave Ver 4.8

Hello second week of September and hello return of the summer heat wave.  See anything wrong there...besides any grammatical errors? The words "September, heat, wave" should never be on the same side of the period. Never.  It's September 10th and going to be 92 degrees today. That is just wrong. I'm a winter type person and I live for the cold, the dark, the rainy and the cloudy. This heat and sun stuff gets old after day three of it.

To add to the joy of the day, we got a notice by the city that our water will be off from 10am to 2pm, due to construction across the field. Yay! Hot day and NO water. Lovely. I filled up the tub, several pitchers, some huge bowls and such. My babies (the pets) need a lot of water in this heat. Right now, they are lounging in front of a fan. Poor things.

And I have a confession, I'm now on episode 25 of the original Hawaii Five O. Don't ask me why I've gotten hooked on this thing, but I have. As hokey as the story lines go, they actually are well written episodes. The language is very out dated since was produced in the late 60's and the 70's.  It's rather amusing to see them get around with no mobiles or any truly modern technology. The stories though are kind of riveting. Kind of makes me miss tv shows. What is really sad...I have over 400 channels and the best thing on is a show that is over thirty years old!

I'm still knitting on the big red sweater. It had horrible beginnings. It was going to be a hoodie, but I scratched that pattern, then it was going to be a top down and I messed up on the increases. Now it's top-down version 2.0 and working perfectly. I was lazy and didn't frog the other efforts, I've just been knitting from them and frogging it as I needed the yarn. I'm just now getting to "unused" yarn on it.

I really love this pattern, easy, not a lot involved in it. I think I'm going to knit it in other colors. Change up the yarn, maybe go for some wool-ease, or maybe 100% wool? Either way, my sweater needs will be met for years to come.  The irony of sweater planning on a 92 degree day does not escape me at all.

Speaking of heat, I'm considering making myself a frappucino? Or maybe an iced coffee since I have a pitcher of chilled coffee in the fridge. Yummy!

No idea where this graphic came from, I am not claiming to have created it. Someone is creative however and they are a genius!

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