Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm being rather Lazy

Instead of packing...I'm debating a scarf. I've decided that after knitting for ten years, it's time to make a pattern of my own. Now mind you...I have never attempted anything like this. Hell, there are still patterns I can't even begin to follow.  I know, it's strange. No idea what has come over me, but I figure what the hell. It's a ten hour drive to Lake Tahoe, I'll have time to think it over, that's for sure.

I have managed to find wifi service near the cabin, only 1.7 miles away! All is not lost. While I have stocked up on ereaders, patterns and other assorted things I simply can't live without, there is always something you need. I am not looking forward to living off my phone connection for nine days.  I'm afraid I'm spoiled rotten when it comes to tech/gadgets and stuff like that.

I do plan to play #Ingress while I'm up there. A whole new bunch of portals..I'm hoping to submit some new ones as well. It's a greek me, it's relaxing.  I do plan on laying around the cabin reading and doing much of nothing. I might do laundry before I come home, we will see.

What sucks is I just started a binge on the show "The 4400". I had started watching it but then slowly stopped watching for some reason. Yay for netflix! I know the show got cancelled, but Netflix has all  forty-three episodes. And me without wifi for a week! Oh well, it will be here when I return.  I do have cable up there though, so there is that. 

Let's face it, between end of August and beginning of snow season, there is NOT a lot to do up there but relax. The temps are supposed to drop into the low 30's at night.  Ooo. fireplace!!! Hello! There is that. I know the dog will love that part.

I'm going to go scrounge dinner up..I'm starved.

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