Monday, June 10, 2013

Once again, into the breach

It's been awhile since I graced by blog. I swear, I really need to get with it on this thing. I used to blog daily at one time. Hell, I would blog several times a day! Now I have facebook/twitter/G+ and this loses my attention. That's rather sad. Blogs are wonderful places. You're not constricted by character limits. You're not constricted by a platform. You can do as you see fit, write what you want and everyone can read it, provided you don't mark it private.

It's another gloriously sunny beautiful day here. I'm tempted to go hang outside just to enjoy the day. Move it to the balcony *laughs* That's the joy of urban living, the lovely outdoors without the extra bugs and such. Only downside, I really need new patio furniture. Might put that on my list for this weekend. Just a couple of chairs and a nice table. Cushions I can make up.

I'm also hunting for a pattern to make a new bag. I'm so tired of never finding a bag I like. I need organization in my bag. While I don't carry alot, I like to be organized. The only way I'm finding that is to make it myself. Now I've made tote bags, knitted and felted bags..but never done one up like one you buy in the store. I want something colorful, summery but yet full of pockets and easy to carry either over my arm or over my shoulder. I don't expect much, just the world it seems.

Still working on the knitted tshirt and a pair of socks. Like my friend Rilana, the joy of sock making has returned. They re just the perfect summer project. Fit in your bag, not heavy in your lap, quickie project. It hits all the highlights for busy summers.

Oh well, off to get some housework done. I spend so much time outside the house, nothing gets done on the inside.

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