Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Break Ups are Hard To Do

Today Starbucks and I ended a long long relationship. We've been together for decades now and today was the end.

It's been going downhill for months now. A nasty barista here and snarky one there. A twenty minute wait for a latte on a Monday afternoon and 30 minute wait in a drive thru with only four cars in front of you.  It all added up.

Today, the drive thru line was so bad there were police involved making cars move. Yeah, it got that bad. So, today was the end. No more Starbucks for me.  As of late, the coffee I make at home has been better.

I admit, the ease of swinging by is really tempting and so easy. However, when you have to schedule an extra 40 minutes into your routine just for coffee, you know it's enough.

I simply swung around the corner to Dutch Bros and had a white chocolate mocha in my hand in less than three minutes.  Hello, can we say excellent service! Not only was the service speedy, the baristas were super nice and pleasant! If I had not been sitting in my car, I would have fallen on my ass in a faint!

However, as one thing leaves your life another moves in, twice over. I found Dutch Bros for my coffee AND found a pizza place within walking distance that sells pizza by the slice! BY THE SLICE!  I was so happy!.  To celebrate my slice of pizza, I squeezed in a mile walk which was pleasant. Even at high noon, it was not bad.

I got one smurf sock knitted. Need to start on the next one. At the rate I'm going, I'll have a drawer full of hand knitted socks by winter! Not a bad thing. I seriously need new sock yarn though. One of these days I'll get some ordered.

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