Thursday, July 4, 2013

Why thank you, I will have a large coffee this morning!

After our blast of heat, it's Perdyactiit'st's still kind of creepyually coolish this am. Perfect for coffee. You know it's hot when I've been laying off the coffee.  And it's a holiday here!


I'm kind of torn this anniversary of the birth of my country. For a country that was founded on freedom from oppression, no representation and from religious persecution, I find today a bit ironic.

At the present, the public has found that the government has been spying on us via email, phone calls and web history. 
While I have nothing to hide, persay,  its still kind of creepy and kind of goes parts of the constitution. Yes, I have read the constitution word for pays to take political science!

Most people make "new year's resolutions". I don't because I just feel things are doomed. I prefer to start new things on weird today. Today has a few new starts all designed to instill new habits in myself. A little personal growth is never a bad thing.

So, later today, I will light up my grill, grill a few things then pig out and go find a semi close parking structure and park on the top to watch fireworks. It's the lazy way to spend the day...along with my "Castle" marathon that is running, courtesy of the stacked episodes on my Tivo.

And one last bid for freedom...I'm helping my sister set up her android phone. Nothing says "have it your way" more than the android O/S...oh and well, Burger King.

Happy 4th of July!!!!

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