Monday, July 29, 2013

Knitting, Heat and Family

It's a week away from August and I have to admit, I'm "sock"ed out! I've knitted eleven pairs of socks since May. I don't think I can look at another one for at least three weeks. Question is..what to knit next. I have two projects that I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to knit.

Project one is the Susie Hoodie from More Big Girl Knits. I have been "hunting" yarn for it for two weeks. I've priced yarn at every place I normally get yarn. Do I do it in wool? Do I do it in something that is washable?  Given the yardage it needs, the pricing ranged everywhere from 28.50 to 197.00. Yes, the latter price just about gave me heart failure. I can't possibly justify paying that much for yarn..even if it does last me ten plus years. My hoodies/sweaters tend to last.  I finally gave up and then re-thought it out.

I live in Oregon. It rains here..alot. I have two cats who love to hug up on me. I have a dog that I swear is on a mission to shed enough fur to carpet Oregon. Therefore, it has to be sturdy, able to hold up to our long rainy season, not be too heavy but yet heavy enough, is animal friendly (meaning little claws that love knitted items) and will not cause me to go to a payday loan place to afford to knit it.  I had all but given up on the thing when I was in Joann's today and found my good old stand by...Red Heart! Yeah, I know, it's what grandma's make ugly afgaans out of. I found a gorgeous cherry red and trust me, I bet this hoodie goes to the grave with me once it's knitted up! Best part, a 25% off my purchase coupon!. My very expensive hoodie cost me a mere 17.00 in yarn. Yay!

Project Two is the Hitchiker scarf that Rilana swears by. If she's willing to knit a second one, then it's a pattern worth checking out. She's my gauge on knitting patterns. If she will knit from it more than once, it's a keeper. Do I feel ashamed using her as a guinea pig? Erm,'s be politically correct and say yes! *laughs* I just trust her judgement in this things. I always have.

For that project, I already have the yarn. it's Paton's Lace in "Sachet". It's a purple, white, green variegated. Should be pretty. We will see how it knits up.

I might cast on both projects and just knit between them. I've learned in my long years of knitting, I'm horrible about finishing things if I have too many things going on. So, I'm really thinking long and hard on the two projects at once. The hoodie will be a on going one, while the scarf will probably knit up faster.  Long as it's not a damn sock, I'm good.

On the Family front...I'm fixing to have a house full for a few weeks. Kind of excited. The family will be staying with me till their new place is ready to go. It will take some rearranging and lots of patience. Six people, two cats and a less than 1200 square feet! I'm thinking of it as summer camp. *laughs*
It will be fun and I'm sure interesting to say the least.

The Heat? Well, it's kind of gone for the week? I think the summer heat when on summer vacation? I actually had on a sweater this morning. Yes, it was that chilly! Wow. I keep waiting for summer to go "Oh shit, I forgot to turn the heat on for you go". It's got to hit us sooner or later, right?

I'm off to start dinner, doing burgers tonight. Cruds, just looked over at the sofa and realized, I dumped my bag out looking for my bluetooth and never put the stuff back in. Good time to clean it out, right? I know Ford will approve, it's in his nap zone. He's quite grumpy if his nap zone is cluttered up. I swear my animals are so set in their ways.

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