Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Family fun time

It's family fun time today. We took the kid to Safari Sam's to play, It's one of those indoor gym things with bounce houses and huge slides in it. He's enjoying himself and I have wifi. If it was later in the day, I would also have a beer sitting next to me. *laughs*

Got my pre-calc out of the way today. I left the computer at the house churning out reports. The best part, I can remote into my computer and check on stuffs. I love technology some days.  It's nice to NOT be stuck at a desk.

I'm really pissed off at Congress. I'm so tired of them posturing around and me having to pay for it. Our congress reminds me of the House of Lords that existed back in English History. They only thought of themselves and no one else.  I wish we could fire all the congressmen that are acting like 4 year olds and just replace them with people that give a crap about the everyday person.

In happier news, the sun has returned to PDX. It's still chilly but not as rainy. The monsoon has passed, it seems. Supposedly, it will be around 70 this weekend? Boo. I need to make some weekend plans, I want to go do something...but what? Hmmmm

I got a new book today..the new JR Ward book. YAY. That is what I'm doing later today. READING!!!!! I always slack off on her book release dates.  *sighs* I love her writing style. It just rocks.

Okay...apparently we are now off to Target! Sweet!!!! I needed to go by there as it was.

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