Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oh Sunday, How I love thee!

Today I had absolutely NOTHING I had to do. Yes! NOTHING!!!! It was simply put, amazing. I made homemade biscuits. I have the worlds simplest biscuit recipe. It was purloined from Pinterest. 2 Cups of Self Rising Flour, 1 cup heavy cream. Roll out, cut out, bake at 450 for 10 minutes. Voila. Biscuits that are so light and fluffy they all but levitate off your plate.  They were the featured course in tonight's dinner. I HAD planned on chicken and dumplings, but said chicken refused to defrost for me. Damn thing is still frozen on the inside. Somehow, my chicken must have mistaken itself for a turkey. Sorry, dude, you are NO where near that big.   So, for tomorrow, I have fixing chicken and dumplings.  Tonight I just had biscuits and gravy. Extremely simple but rather filling and very satisfying.

I crocheted a bit today, I knitted a bit today. I went over some patterns trying to decide my next knit.  Went through some yarn to see if any suited what I want to knit next. Watched some tv, got caught up on my Tivo shows. Vacuumed a bit, ran the dishwasher. Yeah..that was about it. It was weird. Usually my Sundays are havoc filled. This one was unnervingly peaceful. Kind of a spooky peaceful to boot.

I rather enjoyed today. The evening promises to be more of the same. Quiet, tv watching, reading and knitting. Yeah, now we all know why I like winter. It's a peaceful time of year.

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