Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where has the holiday gone?

Every year, the amount of trick or treaters dwindles. It's such a sad state of affairs, I tell you. I know we have kids around here..I hear them from sun up to sun down screaming outside my house. The one night of the year, when they are SUPPOSED to run rampant..they are quiet. *shakes my head* It's not fair. At least this year my nephew is here so I can pawn all this candy off on him! *grins evilly* This is one of my favorite nights of the year! Samhain and Ostre - nothing beats them at all. I've always loved these two holidays above all others for some reason.

My new knitting project is coming along nicely. I think the new sofa is finally happening this weekend? Or early next week. So, I wanted a new afghan for it. Every sofa needs a snuggly afghan on it. It's mandatory!.  It's kind of a log cabin type affair.  Here is square one.

I'm trying to use up all the scraps and bits and pieces I have laying around. You know, the odd skein off that you thought you needed but never used? As it looks, no two squares are going to look the same. I'm trying to be as varied as possible. Square #2 should be finished tonight or tomorrow. Not sure how many squares I will need, but this is a great project as it's fast, and very portable. Since it's straight garter stitch, it's going to be nice and squishy for snuggling with. 

NaNoWrMo starts up in 5 hours!!!!! OMG..I'm so not ready. I was ready three weeks I'm totally not ready. I have no idea.. I'm just going to sit down and start typing and hope something decent falls out!

And, I just gotta say.. I'm so in love with my phone that words can't describe it. Finally after so many years, I have what to me is the perfect phone. It's large enough to actually see stuff but thin enough to fit in a wallet.  I so <3 my phone! Just remember - phone perfection is the one thing besides beauty that is in the eye of the beholder.  Android/Windows/Apple...they all do the same thing, pretty much the same way. The joy of having the choices is that everyone gets what is perfect for them. 

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