Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nano 2013, anyone?

Nano 2013 is quickly approaching!  I'm super excited this year. Not only do I have one plot bunny, I have THREE!!! That's right, three! *dances around* Usually, I'm hurting at this point for even one. For some reason this year, I'm over flowing with ideas. It's fantastic.

Maybe because I've not been actually writing anything as of late? Could be my plot bunny partner in crime is back? *grins* Well, it's more of my muse has returned. I'm super excited.  Soon as midterms are over, letting the writing commence.

I've decided to try out Scrivener this Nano. It's been highly recommended and it's time to graduate from google docs to something that can keep me more organized. Last year, I had notes in no less than thirty different folders and it felt so disjointed. This year, I'm all about being organized. I've flirted with it over the past few years, but always fell back on google docs at the last minute.  I will still use google docs as my backup location. But Scrivener will sync with dropbox so I can move between desktop to laptop. If I find I"m on the chromebook, I'll just work in docs and save to dropbox via web app.

Other happy news, I've discovered the perfect fast food meal. Although, it's filled with the dreaded "unknown chicken parts" *laughs*. Yes, I'm talking the mighty kids chicken mcnugget meal at McDonald's. Upsize the coke to a large and it's perfect. Six nuggets, small fry, apple slice and a soda. Not too much, not too little. It's perfect. It's also only 5.15 with the upgrade. Bonus part, I toss the toy aside for the nephew. I'm building up a bag of stuff to occupy him while he's in my car.  Hey, it works.

Lately, I'm all about the crochet. For some reason, I'm on a basket kick? I have no idea. It's coming in handy that's for sure. I could use some catch all baskets around the casa. Another project I want to make is some type of rug? Maybe a crocheted one? Not sure, but I think it would work nicely for the kitchen. The tile floor gets a wee bit chilly in the wintertime.

Totally forgot Wonderland was on tonight, thank gods for Hulu! I'm going to have to catch it there tomorrow night. Did find a Grimm book on iTunes today. It's like a companion for the show. I was all over that, that's for sure. Love that show. I'm a late comer to it. Now hooked though, can't miss it.

Right now, it's Elementary time. I do love that show as well.

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