Saturday, November 30, 2013

Done, Done and Done

Did ALL my xmas shopping online, Thursday night! Took me 30 minutes and I was finished for the season. Thanksgiving dinner was spectacular, lots of food and good company. Outside lights are up, all that's left is to put up the tree. That takes maybe an hour? There is a surprise this xmas, but it won't be here for a week or so. So..all the time consuming traditions are done. All that's left is all the cheesy xmas movies on the Hallmark channel  to watch with hot tea and cocoa while knitting/crocheting.  This is the first year I have been done BEFORE December started!

I was a good girl and refrained from ordering anything for myself. I avoided Knitpicks because it's like kryptonite to me. I can't resist it. It's too much temptation. As for the other stores, nothing I wanted. All the gadgets I have are fine and in good working order. Clothes are serviceable, everything else is good.  Made it very easy to shop for me this year *laughs*

I do have to go grocery shopping, its pet food weekend. After many efforts of trial and error, I have managed to coincide the time when both the dog and cats need food. One trip for them all. Fact is, I just hate shopping. I used to not hate it, I actually was a champion shopper. I'm not sure when it because a hated chore, but it did. Now I would rather just order what I need online and have it delivered.  I'm not sure if it's just the fact the stores are full of people that could careless if they are blocking the aisles, or let their kids run rampant through a store oblivious to the havoc they are causing, or people that will run into you because you didn't jump out of their way. It's a bit of all the above. I've gotten tired of people running into me and me having to apologize.

I do want to go see the xmas lights at some point. Now that is peaceful since it's after most stuff has closed. The zoo lights are supposed to be really good this year, I'm tempted to do that as well. Take a thermos of hot cocoa and go see the lights.  Must check with family to see the schedule.

Bah, now it's off to the grocery, the most of all hated tasks. I'm really thinking of starting to use the Safeway delivery option again. It's rather nice.

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