Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Possibly the best sandwich ever

I had a veggie delight sandwich from Subway tonight. I've not eaten at Subway in forever!!!! Anyhow, the veggie delight on the honey oat bread with provolone, mayo and mustard is quite possibly the tastiest sandwich ever!

Normally, if I eat out I don't go for a sandwich. However, tonight it was just damned good. And to accompany my sandwich I'm watching Dracula from last week. I'm so slack. I love this show, just didn't get around to watching. I usually don't watch tv during the day and nights I've been watching Haven and getting caught up on that. 

I'm on square number three of the sofa blanket. I have to say, a log cabin style blanket definitely uses up all your odds and ends of yarn. I'm still really wanting to knit one that is made of particular colors. I'm thinking light browns and dark browns? It takes five colors to knit. Maybe a light beige, a tan, a light brown, a dark brown and a very bright color for the beginning center square? Torn between a really bright blue or a bright cherry red?  But, the joy of knitting..I can make two, one with bright blue squares and one with cherry red squares! 

I think that is my absolute fave thing of knitting. I can make it with exactly the colors I want. Kind of spoils you terribly to be honest. You can never just walk into a store and be happy with the offering. You alway see it and go "Oh that would be so pretty in (pick a color)". Grrr.  See, spoiled rotten.  If only I could find a good inexpensive source of material to make tshirts, I would be set!

I can't believe that Xmas is FIXING TO BE HERE!!! I'm not ready. Let me repeat that, I'm NOT READY! Can't it be like August again?  I would even deal with the heat just for a few more months to prepare. I'm not even ready for Thanksgiving. Well, I do have a turkey in the freezer. Plus stuff for pumpkin pie. The rest, yeah...working on that. Apparently, I'm not enthused with the holiday this year. I'm ready to put my tree up. I blame the stores, they put the shiny stuff out earlier and earlier. Soon, we won't even bother taking the stuff down because the stores will be selling it all year long.

I feel knitting coming on....yep...definitely knitting.

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