Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Holidays to me!

The sofa finally happened!!! Yes, I finally caved and bought a sofa. Didn't hurt that the price dropped considerably and honestly, it was a price that could not be beat.  I will go pick it up tomorrow and then bring that bad boy home. Just in time for snuggle season, too!

Today T and I traipsed ALL over. Started with getting coffee at our favorite place, Dutch Brothers. Then it was off to get gas at Costco.,which was 3.04 a gallon!!!! I almost fainted, my car all but tapped danced her way to the pumps. Stopped at Target and OMG, the christmas spruce glade plugs in where in!  I stocked up for the year. I can't help it, I like my house smelling like pine during closed window season. Also didn't hurt to get a Target gift card in the deal, either. Then it was down to Woodburn,OR.  to get mom's curtains. Then we had to get Bug's kid meal at Jack in the Box, Mom's Tacos at Taco Bell, our sandwiches at Subway (which honestly, is the WORST subway I have ever been in). Please do not ask why our family can not eat at ONE place, that answer is non existent. After that, it was a lunch stop to eat, collect Bug and back out.  We hit up the store for the sofa, then to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a citrus juicer. Yeah, I'm going to start doing fresh juice, it's been recommended.  After that I dropped T and Bug off and scooted for home.  All that and my gas gauge never left full - love my car!

Back to subway. T actually called our order in while we were between Jack in the Box and Taco Bell. We ordered and sat in line at Taco Bell and then drove to the subway. Our sandwiches were no where near ready! What's the idea of having "call in " if you don't actually make them. We waited and waited and got told twice they were working on it. No, you're helping every person that walks in the door. I was about twenty seconds from walking out the door when they were finally ready. Never that subway. Nope, not happening. Don't care.

Kind of excited to have a sofa again! I love to curl up and knit and watch movies and knitting in the recliner is just a pain since a cat insist on sitting with me! At least on a sofa, I can spread out a bit more. Annnd, my daybed is returning home. T has finally found a bed she liked and it was delivered today. So, daybed in the den, sofa in living is totally good.

Off to make vegetable stock. I'm making white bean soup tomorrow.

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