Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dinner and Conversation

Gabbed with my old pal, Rilana  while cooking. One of those people that you don't talk to for awhile and then start talking and you pick up right where you left off? One reason I love her so much.

Dinner tonight was sauted ground turkey with italian seasoning, cheddar cheese soup thinned down and mixed in, all served over hot egg noodles.  I meant to bake rolls today, um, did NOT happen. I'll bake them tomorrow.

I downsized alot. Got rid of a ton of "places". Made a decision. I'm going straight google! As I said earlier, I have been bouncing between Windows/Apple/Google for five years now. While I adore the iPad...I can live without my iPhone. Don't get me wrong, the iPhone is great..when it works. I've had mine less than two years and the home button has gone out on it. End of story. It can be replaced with the same model for 130. It can be repaired for 230 or upgraded for 659.99. None of those thrills me, not for a 600 phone that is less than two years old.

My phone has never been dropped, gotten wet, gotten too hot, gotten too cold, or even sat on. It's had a case from day one. A screen protector from day one. A fancy super protective OtterBox from month one. It's not been abused at all. Unless you consider heavy usage of the phone abusive? I  use my phone from the moment I wake up till the moment I go to sleep. Literally. I text, I talk, I listen to music, I surf the web, I check email, I play games, I check the weather, I mirror to the tv from it. It does it all..which is what it's job is. The phone is designed to do all the above..so why did it fail after only a year and a three months?

Then we have Windows. I've used Windows ever since I switched from DOS. Don't know what that is, look it up. I've been through every version of Windows since day one with it. I adore Windows 8. Don't get me wrong. I'm actually one that loves it. However, Windows lacks in the mobile department, although I heard the Windows 8 phones have gotten it right. Unfortunately, it's a day late in my world. I'm no willing to take another chance on a windows phone. I went down that road already and it was the worst phone I have ever had...literally. Although it had one hellaciously gorgeous screen on it. But there is more to a phone than just a screen.

Last up is Google. I was a very early adopter of Gmail. I have eagerly awaited google products as they were  released as they usually work straight out of the gate. I have forgiven Google for their first foray into the mobile business. They had never sold phones before and were totally clueless. They however, learned from their mistake.  Yes, I'm also aware of google ads..and they track your movements and make ads to fit you. So does facebook, twitter and numerous other places. Face it, we are stalked on the internet by any and everyone.

After months and months of dilly dallying and flip flopping..I have decided. I am going with google. Google works on a PC. It works on IOS and a Mac.  It is the one thing that works everywhere. Question is...do I keep iPhone or go with a Google Nexus? Only thing I have against Android..is that they really are crappy with updates. If I go with Nexus..it will update just like iphone does..and it's android.

My phone will mirror my computer.. I like that. I can make my iPad mirror my phone/computer. I am looking at a Chromebook. I saw one today that will allow me to hook up my monitor and my USB hub and work like a champ. I could hook up a USB external dvd drive if I needed it. That might be the route I wish to take.  Just move into Google and set up house once and for all.

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