Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is it April yet?

I'm ready for March to be over already. Why? Because March is a fickle female who can't make up her mind. April...I'm well aware, she's full of rainy days, spring flowers and the odd chilly day. March, however, is warm one day, cold the next, and so on. Can't make up her damned mind.

Yesterday was a good March day apparently. I had on flip flops, capris and a tshirt. Today, I"m in sweats, socks, two shirts and a hoodie. *insert roll eye*  I even got a pedicure to celebrate first day of flip flop weather! Oh well, at least my toes looks springy.

Okay, rolls on to rise for second time. Who ever suspected that I would turn out to be a baker? I have NEVER been successful with yeast..but's all working. I blame the mayans.  My best baking tool...latex surgical gloves! I know...I go through boxes of them in the kitchen. I can't stand touching raw meat nor do I like dough under my nails. I buy them  five boxes at a time. I'm sure the lady at Walgreens thinks I'm into some serious ass kinky stuff. She always gives me the squint eye when I check out. Honestly...I use them for preparing food in the kitchen! Kind of like the PROFESSIONALS DO?  And that reminds me, I need to resupply, almost out.

Little knitting has been done today..I've been busy doing oh this and that. Nothing over constructive, but time consuming non the less. I do plan on "marathoning" on Netflix tonight and knitting. Hmm, apparently, "marathoning" is not a word according the red line spelling nazi that is my spell checker. We need to petition the dictionary people and have it entered.

Marathoning: Verb: the act of watching episode after episode after episode of a television show on a streaming provider.  "I plan on marathoning this weekend because there is nothing on network tv".

See, it just rolls off the tongue and fits perfectly into our modern world.

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