Friday, March 15, 2013

Slow Down Friday

Today is my nephew's fourth birthday.  Seems like yesterday he was born! I'm afraid to blink and see that he's graduating high school and going on to who knows what? The gift this year was the fisher price bubble mower.

My sister was going for "outside toys" this year. Good call, the kids bedroom looks like FAO Schwartz. Seriously, he's got enough toys for five kids much less one.

As for me, I texted this morning for about an hour, grabbed a shower and then took a nap. Yeah..I know. *laughs* It's vacation time and I'm taking advantage of it. I watched two tv shows about tracing the lineage of King Tut and how they are able to identify mummies to build the family tree. Again..this is purely a geek thing.  I knitted a bit, talked with some friends. Surfed the web and decided that I wish to partake of dinner outside my residence this evening.

I have no great plans for this evening. Wine, snacks maybe a game and some tivo. Exciting? No. Relaxing and comforting, Yes. I do want to redo the bookcase this weekend and move it. I had plans for the 17th for downtown, but it's supposed to be rainy and cold..yeah..I'm over rainy and cold. I can do them but separately please. I'm sure I can find something to get into on Sunday though. 

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