Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Once again....

After six years of hosting my own domain and moving around, switching things...I have decided to downsize. It's just not worth the cost anymore. My domain went from 35.00 a year to 200.00. Used to be I wanted my own domain to act as a ftp site for files. Now days I have the cloud so I don't need it anymore. Well, not for 200.00 a year!

I promise, this is my last move for awhile. I'm just going to stick with blogger. It was where I started out back in 2002 and it's not gone anyplace. I will just have to learn it and be happy with it.

As far as the downsizing goes....I'm getting rid of ALOT of my online "presence". I've been bouncing between windows/google/IOS for a few years now and I'm just tired. Too much..it's overload. I read an article by Paul Thurrott . While he was discussing phones and texting...it hit home to me in other ways.

To me the internet is not new, nor are computers or cell phones. I remember my grandparents having a phone in their car..it was hardwired and you could only call the mobile operator who would make your call for you. Yes, I have had an electronic tether ALL MY LIFE!  I had a computer when I was 12..which was back when only 1 in maybe 100 households had one. I can't remember a time when there was not a computer keyboard under my fingers. I was on the internet...before it was the internet.  I was a geek back when it was "girls aren't geeks".

I've come full circle, I don't care about the latest craze. I have played enough..that I'm settling on google as my mainstream. I love chrome. I love gmail. I will learn to love blogger. I will learn to love google+. I love my little twitter account with very few followers. The people that follow me.. I actually talk to.  My facebook rarely gets used, but I'm working on that.

I've been downsizing my household goods and now my online presence.  I blame ALL this on the mayans and that 2012 crap.

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