Sunday, April 7, 2013


Geez, the month is flying by. It's the seventh already?  Feels like it was just Easter. This being laid up thing is messing with my time realization, I think.  I have some mobility in my arm, but if I turn it the wrong way or try to hold something heavier than a feather, it reminds me that we are not healed yet. *grumbles* At least I can do some things and not just sit like a lump in a chair with a remote in my left hand.

It's been typical spring here. Chilly, rainy and cloudy. I'm enjoying it while I can because once summer gets here, it's like perpetual sun. While I fully intend to enjoy the summer this year, I am appreciative of the cooler, less sunny days.

I'm on the bottom band of the "big comfy pullover" sweater. Once that's done, it's on to sleeves and I'm done!!! God, I hate knitting sleeves. They are never ending, it seems. I also tend to make mine a bit longer to hang down onto my hand. Saves on knitting wrist warmers for winter. I'm totally loving the mild yellow of the yarn. It's quite popular since it's always sold out when I go to the shop. After the sweater is my skirt. That will be something to knit and wear.

I've also been eying a skirt pattern that a friend sent me. Its for a long maxi type skirt and I think I might attempt it. If I can find the right type of material. I'm wanting something like a light knit or maybe a crinkly cotton? I'll know it when I feel it. Soon as I can drive, I'm off to Fabric Depot. It's a fabric heaven.

I think I hear a bagel calling me? Yep..breakfast or brunch seeing how late it is.

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