Monday, April 8, 2013

Minimal is the New Black

I’m not sure what has happened to me? I blame the Mayans and the 2012 stuff *laughs*. I’ve been on a huge purge..which if you have been reading, you might have been clued in to. I’ve jettisoned a SHIT load of stuff.

The first phase was cleaning out my closet. That was an embarrassing seven lawn and leaf bags of clothes to donations. Next up was purging the nine million books I had. I donated exactly 712 books to Goodwill and still have three bookcases full to go. Of my huge double bookcase, I still have about three rows of books if you shoved them all together. Apparently, my pagan/knitting/cooking library is considered extensive?

My desk area is on the purge list. I ditched my desk for a new sleeker, narrower/longer one. While it’s barely wide enough for the monitor, keyboard and some wrist’s long enough to hold it all. It has two rather large roomy drawers that I was able to fit all the various boxes of crap I had stored on a three shelf wire bookcase. Next step is to shove all the cords and surge protectors up into the cord channel on the underside of the desk. Basically all I want under my desk are the hard drives, my big “Century” book I use as a footrest and my garbage can.  It’s a WIP (work in progress)

Once that’s done, my living room will be done except for a new sofa..but I’m getting that from the family. They are bringing it over once the weather clears up and we have some consistent sunny weather. It’s white leather and has it’s own brown fabric cover for winter. I love a couch that has moods!

I do need to move the terrarium *an old 50 gallon fish tank* to the dining area and get it planted. I just want some greenery in it. Nothing fancy. Once those few things are done…LIVING ROOM WILL BE DONE! whew.

After that it will be bedroom time. All this downsizing has been hard. I admit to being somewhat of a sentimentalist and hanging onto stuff way longer than I needed it. I wasn’t ready to be on Hoarders by any means. I did, however, tend to hand onto stuff. I did learn once you toss out about the first ten items…the rest just flows right on out the door. It does get easier once you start tossing stuff out the door.

It’s hard to believe I once lived on a 40ft sailboat? *laughs* Talk about minimal lifestyle. Everything I owned outside of the boat/fixtures could fit into three HUGE duffel bags. It’s very true, that once you have a dwelling on land, you will increase your lifestyle to fill your place up. Hence, why I tend to like smaller residences. As it is, I have over 1000 square feet and am having to really work to downsize it.

I’ve even ditched a CPU and am running strictly off a laptop now. I have to figure some way to get the lap top off my desk or stand it up. Other than that…I’m happy with it. Does everything my old CPU did pretty much. I do need a new laptop, but for the moment, the whole thing is working. Hooked up into a dock and I basically have a desktop arrangement without the honking big CPU.

For portable, I’ve downsized to my iPad/keyboard. With my arm being bad, I pretty much lived off my iPad for two weeks and everything went off like a champ. Work was done, play was done, life moved along nicely. I do admit, I would like to downsize a bit more and have been eyeing the Samsung Galaxy Note II. A friend of mine has a iPad mini that has LTE service on it and added an app that allows his google voice to call into it. Basically his iPad mini has become his phone. I’m waiting to see his data usage on it?  When I get on a plane, I want to carry a medium to small purse and call it a day! No more briefcases/huge laptop bags. I want to travel light. Schlepping crap through an airport just sucks ass.

Speaking of handbags/purses. I’ve totally downsized that. The one I have now carries, my iPad or Kindle, money, ID, sunglasses, spare charger, inhaler and minimal makeup..and it’s done. The thing is super slim and weighs next to nothing. It’s by Baggalini and it’s the best bag I’ve ever had for just running around with. Gone are the huge days of a huge tote bag. Admittedly, I do not commute to work via public transportation. I can leave a good portion of all the extra junk I carried in the boot of my car if need be. But for everyday stuff to carry, it’s super light and portable. If I take the Kindle and not the iPad..even smaller.

Over all, I confuse the hell out of myself, because all this is a huge first for me.

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