Thursday, April 11, 2013

Well, this has been an interesting day.

Took a stroll today and walked a mile. Literally! I hit up the library and picked up a new book:

30 Min-knits, What you can knit with an hour  It's full of cute little idea for scraps of yarn. I love it and plan to knit quite a few things out of it. I do love my library system. Between all the branches, they have a very extensive collection of knitting books. I have taken to checking them out and if I really love the book, I'll order it off Amazon.

Then I took a stroll to the local coffee shop -a non Starbucks kind of place. Had a fantastical white chocolate mocha and then strolled over to grab a late lunch. After that I strolled home, all the while missing the sporadic rain bursts we had all afternoon. My sunbreaks held so that I didn't get drenched.

I managed to get some writing done at the Library. They had the fireplace on and it was quite um, snuggly? *laughs*   The whole afternoon was quite pleasant, to be honest.  I plan on settling in tonight after dinner and getting some knitting done. I really want to get these sleeves knocked out so I can start on my skirt.

Tonight, I'm running out for chinese. I'm thinking honey walnut shrimp over fried rice? Sounds kind of yummy, although Lisa is making barfing noises at me via text. Yeah, she pigged out on BBQ tonight, no wonder. Hmmm, BBQ? Nah...I'll stick with my Chinese.

I applied to be a beta tester with Trimet. 1300 people applied for 150 spots. I have my fingers crossed that I get chosen. Gods, I would so love the ease of just getting a ticket off my phone instead of having to schlep to the store to buy a bus pass. Who the hell keeps exact change on hand for the train/bus? Not me. I rarely have cash to be honest.  Hmm...I hear dinner calling me.

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