Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy All Most Memorial Day!

What a day!  Festivities around the neighborhood. Ingress stalking. Grilling, Ice cream making.   I think it had it all?

Our little area of PDX always does stuff up during the summer. There is ALWAYS some type of "thing" going on just a few blocks from my house.  It's nice to stroll over with the dog and check it out. Always great food, good beer and kick ass music to be had.

I grilled out tonight. Chicken was the item of choice tonight. I made ice cream, and tomorrow am making blonde brownies to go with. Heated up, that is one yummy choice. With all the grilling I've been doing these last couple of days, I do not have to cook tomorrow. I could do a left overs buffet and be perfectly happy.

I swear, it's the southern in me, but I do love my grill. I had to give up my super big fancy one due to the fucking fire marshal. Bastard said it was too big for my porch. Hello, it had been there for six damn years! So now I have a teeny tiny two burner one, but it does the job, so I'm not fussing. A grill is a grill, no matter how plain or fancy it is. I do miss my two side burners though.  I'll make do with a hotplate though.  One thing about summer, I refuse to cook in a hot ass kitchen. I will take it outside in a heartbeat.

There was a Dr. Who marathon on. They were talking to most of the Doctor's from the past. It was great. Some were from before my time. And compared to my fave doctor (number 10), they were definitely different. I think I am going to start collecting Dr. Who on dvd. At least the series, not the single episodes.

And Copper's new season starts in does TRUE BLOOD!!!!!!! That always makes me just squeal. I've missed that show terribly. *sighs* I do love my vampires. Can't help it, they are my people.

As for now, I'm off to watch a season of Copper and get started on a sock. I'm waiting on yarn to arrive for my tshirt..I decided the other stuff I had was just too thick to be nice. In the interim, I can get started on winter socks. They are quick to knit up, warm in the winter and great for "marathoning" on Netflix.

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