Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The T-Shirt and other news.

My next project is a knitted T-shirt to go with my knitted skirt! I'm on a roll and all thanks to Ms. Rilana!   I've decided to use up the last of my stash of Cotton-Ease in Popsical Blue. I've had this yarn for almost seven years now? I did make a yoga bag out of it, that I adore. So I figured why not use it up in a cute tshirt.

See, popsical blue! Very bright

For some reason, I am on a bright colors kick. That is rather rare for me. I'm usually a black or dark colors kind of girl. *feels my forehead* Do I have a fever? 

The pattern is from Lori Puthoff. She can be found at at that link in her name. It's her ravelry site, so you might need to join to see it. She has fantastic patterns!

On the brightside, I managed to create my own "egg white delight" for lunch today. 

I realize my food photography SUCKS! But, contrary to how it looks, it was really really good!  Best part, I didn't have to get in my car and drive to get it.

I'm currently haunting my post box. I have a new phone coming and the wait is killing me! I want to go play INGRESS!!!!! Drat it all. Hmm, okay..waiting is not bad, it's pouring outside right now. Best to not be conquering the city for my faction in a pouring rain.

Okay, it's off to figure out the new pattern and cast on.

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