Friday, May 10, 2013

Hello Friday, My Old Friend

I've been knitting like a fiend! Three and a half socks in four days. It's been a sock marathon here in my house. My blogging skills are horrible, but I'm truly working on them. *laughs*

My skirt is coming along, I took a break from it, the cotton was eating my hands up. That's the downside of knitting with cotton, it's rough on my hands. I'm about 3/4 done with it, just need to finish off the bottom 1/4 and skirt for summer.

I can't explain the sock kick lately? The heat? I hate knitting in summer with something pooled in my lap. It's just hot. Socks are tiny and very transportable. Plus, my local craft store has had sock yarn on sale like crazy! Plus, I found a really kick ass sock pattern for the toe up magic loop method. Super easy and you can whip through a sock in a day if your industrious. Here's the link. That whole site is awesome! It has videos on fantastic cast ons and bind offs. I learned a super stretchy bind off for socks that I ADORE. See, I told I was sock crazy. I even have a cute "yarn pot" to hold the ball of yarn while I'm knitting. Keeps the cats away from it and helps keep it tidy while I'm using it.

What I find hilarious, is that I learned to knit...just to make socks! My friend Jodi had the "sock", she was working on. I was amazed that she could make a sock! I wanted to learn that so badly. So, I bought some cheap yarn and cheaper needles and taught myself. Now mind you, this was back on 2004 before there were a jillion knitting videos online! I sort of fell into a sock by just messing around with double pointed needles one night. I actually took a magic loop class at a yarn store that was sixty miles away from me, to learn the magic loop method I kept seeing people talk about on line. Yeah, I lived out in the middle of nowhere at the time. Once I discovered magic loop, I was in love. It rocked...still does.

The thing about sock knitting, is you can knit them from any type of yarn. I made a pair of worsted weight wool socks that were so warm that you could walk out into the snow in them and never feel cold or wet! I'm thinking of knitting a pair in bulky for this winter to have an "around the house" pair of socks.

Just because of Jodi, I can make socks, sweaters, skirts, hats, scarves, mittens, blankets, pillow covers, bags and other assorted items. I've knitted cell phones cases, tablet cases, laptop cases. It's kind of cool to want something and just make it for yourself. You can choose the color you want and design it how you want it.

My friend Rilana and I learned together and she's branched out into professional designing. She literally created a career for herself..just from one ball of yarn and a pair of needles back in '04.

I think I need coffee, more Supernatural on tv and a return to the sock I currently am knitting.


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