Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Too much Google

I was totally immersed in Google today. It was Google I/O day! So much excitement in the Googleverse. New comms in the form of Hangouts. All inclusive chatting deal. Love it! 

New music. It seems rather nice. I'm running a 30-day free trial. If I really like it, it will replace spotify and pandora in my ecosystem. 

G+ got a new facelift. As usual, alot are bitching. I rather like it, though. People don't like change, that's all it is.  The cool thing, with all the new things, they are all working on IOS. 

On the windows front, there is still bitching going on. -insert eye roll- I can understand, again it is change. But come on people. Lets review the history of OS's that I can remember. 

Wayyyyyy long ago.... When I was a youngster and cruising around the net BEFORE the www existed! 

"What the hell is windows doing? It's fine as it is, it works well." What was the bitching about? It was moving to a graphical interface and used a ...wait.... A MOUSE! Yes, the same bitching was about Windows 3.1.   Next up...

"What are they doing? Why make these changes? We don't need -insert any thing that windows does-  enter, Windows 95. 

Repeat the above for Windows 98, windows 2000, windows ME, windows Xp, windows vista, windows 7 

It's not the fact that it's worse or that it's harder, doesn't work. It's the mere fact that it's different. People just do not like change. It makes them whiny. It makes them bitchy. 

Yeah, some things are different, but it still works lovely to me. I like the new G+ and I like Windows 8. Maybe I'm just easy to please or maybe I just know how to roll with the flow. 

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